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Osprey Boys Quad Skates

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  • These skates are available in three sizes 10-12, 13-1 and 3-5 and comes in various colours.
  • They are easily adjustable so they can be lengthened or shortened to suit the size of the wearer.
  • Has safe lock buckles
  • Padded Lines
  • 32mm Quad Wheels

These Adjustable Quad Skates from Osprey are great for beginners and confident skaters. The Skates have Safe Lock Buckles and a Padded Liner to keep the user comfortable and safe. They also have 32mm Quad Performance Wheels. The Skates are adjustable so can be lengthened and shortened to suit the foot size of the wearer. The Skates come in a great White, Pink and Black design.

From the Manufacturer


About Osprey

Osprey have taken the action sports market by storm since 1994 with their exciting look on skating, surfing and scootering. Designed in the UK, Osprey specialise in creating safe, high quality and fun products for children and adults.

About Our Quad Skates

Stability and safety are at the core of Osprey Quad Skates, making these fantastic for beginners and intermediates. The four wheel quad layout provides stability for beginners. The padded cushioned boot and secure boot strap buckle ensure that your child's feet stay secure, supported and comfortable in the quad skate.

We know how quickly children grow. Osprey Quad Skates have flexible sizing and adjustable straps meaning plenty of room for little feet to grow into, ensuring maximum use from the skates.

  • Very Stable and Easy to Learn On.
  • Comfortable Padded Liner.
  • Red PVC Wheels with 608Z Bearings.
  • Easy Slide Adjustable Straps with Safe Lock Buckles.
  • PVC Front Stoppers.
  • Flexible Sizing.
  • High Quality Storage/Gift Box.

Osprey Quad Skate Features







Cool Colours, Sleek Design

Little kids love cool designs and the Osprey Quad skates don't disappoint with its eye catching sleek design. The skate is highly durable and resistant to bashes and bangs that children will likely throw at them when learning to skate.

Adjustable Sizing and Secure Straps

Osprey Quad Skates offer great value for money as the adjustable sizing means it will take your child much longer to grow out of. They secure and support your child's foot with strong, durable, and adjustable straps across the boot, which offer flexible sizing.

PVC Wheels and Bearings

Drawing on our years of experience the Osprey Quad skates have precision quality bearings and high quality PVC wheels for exceptionally smooth skating. We understand that children become hooked on skating and these high quality durable wheels are built to last as your child grows and develops their skills.








High Quality Gift Box

With flexible and adjustable sizing, Osprey Quad Skates make the perfect Christmas or Birthday present when you're not sure what foot size to buy. These brilliant skates come presented in a high quality box that's perfect for a gift, and also makes a good storage box too.

Front Break Stoppers

The Osprey Quad Skates are perfect for beginners to learn to skate. The front stopper acts as a brake, so your little ones will be able to control their skating, and the four-wheeled quad design gives added stability.

Osprey Skates Also Available in Purple

Our Osprey Quad Skates also come in a sleek Purple design. These are perfect beginner skates with a variety of adjustable sizes.

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